Gift Your Gear at Rohan Autumn 2017 – Photo Album

During the Gift Your Gear month we are sharing some of the super photo’s from the Rohan Shops of generous friends and customers donating their much loved outdoor gear to Gift Your Gear.

Mrs Mayhew donating to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Woodbridge.

Nick at Rohan Woodbridge receiving a donation to Gift Your Gear from Mrs Feibusch.

Nick at Rohan Woodbridge with Mr Christie donating to Gift Your Gear

Mr Hazelgrove donating to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Kingston

Mr Chadwick donating to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Manchester

Gift Your Gear Autumn 2017 Rohan Brighton
The Rohan Brighton team – donations to Gift Your Gear get off to a good start.

Sandra donating to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Shrewsbury
The Rohan Shrewsbury team updated the Rohantime album today. Sandra donating to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Shrewsbury

Rohan Keswick Gift Your Gear Autumn 2017
The Rohan Keswick team have updated the Gift Your Gear photo album this morning in their Facebook page

Nick from Rohan Woodbridge with Martin Oldfield and Daisy the Spanish rescue dog donating to Gift Your Gear. Lovely photo thanks Nick.

Gift Your Gear - Donate at any Rohan Shop


  1. Hi Elaine,

    Rohan Woodbridge and all other Rohan shops collect boxes and boxes of Gift Your Gear donations, we try to highlight as many donations as we can but not all can be photographed or mentioned. I’m sorry if your donation wasn’t but I can assure you that all donations go to a central collection point from where they are sent out to deserving groups.

    Your Caradhras will be of benefit to someone, I’m confident of this as I still have mine and wear it from time to time and it is a great, warm jacket.

  2. Elaine Evans says:

    I handed in a much loved Caradhras jacket last year…I haven’t seen it appear on any post about Gift Your Gear. I hope it is proving useful to someone else!

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