Rohan Hay on Wye – Davies style

Peter and Fiona own the wonderful Rohan franchise in Hay on Wye that is so loved by its many customers. The Davies family are, though, long standing aficionados of Rohan, having worn their clothing since the late 1970s.

Pictured are the Davies family in the mid 1980s all clothed in their Rohan. From the left is Peter’s aunt, Pippa; Peter’s dad, John; Uncle Philip; in front little brother Andrew and then Peter himself (aged then about 6). Peter’s mum, Lynne was taking the photo (she was also dressed in Rohan) – no such thing as a “selfie” then and nowhere to place the camera for a time elapsed picture!

Pete’s uncle Philip had introduced the family to Rohan clothing at a time when it could only be bought by mail order or by visiting the Long Preston shop. Pete’s grandparents always used to joke that Philip and Pippa would get married in Rohan – they didn’t – they had a day off. Philip wore his Winter Bags on his two expeditions to the North Pole. Being rather small in stature, Pete’s dad always had trouble with the original Bags which at that time only came in a long, unfinished length – the knee patches always looked like shinpads. He does though still have, and wear, some of his original Olfio tops and Safari shirts – proving the durability of the range. Peter and brother Andrew are sporting some of the original children’s range, known as Mille Miglia.

Even today they all still buy and wear Rohan all the time, although it is easier to buy it – having a shop in the family.

Why not call in at Rohan, Hay on Wye, and ask Peter how embarrassed he is about that picture!

Rohan Heritage
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