Remote Britain – Skye and The Knoydart Peninsula

Chris Orange - Skye and Knoydart Peninsula

Photographer Chris Orange continues his Remote Britain odyssey exploring remote and rarely visited locations in Britain. This week he’s visiting Skye and the Knoydart Peninsula.

Day 1

As I drove from Inverness airport towards the Isle of Skye I could tell I was in for a real treat. The road towards the western Isles of Scotland winds through some majestic scenery, whilst giving you a glimpse of what’s in store up ahead as the mountain ranges gradually come into view. There had been a storm the day before and so the wind was up, but I could see the sky was clearing and there was going to be a great sunset.

Chris Orange - Skye and Knoydart Day 1
I’m in the region for a few days to photograph various landscapes for the Remote Britain project, specifically to capture a place known as the Knoydart Peninsula. It has a reputation as the last wilderness of Great Britain, owing to the fact that it cannot be reached by any mode of transport, except a boat – even though it’s on the mainland of Scotland. The only other way to reach it is a difficult two day trek. I’m really intrigued by this location and I’ll hopefully be able to share some photos of it tomorrow, but for now here are a few images from the magnificent Isle of Skye.

Day 2

Today began with what looked like fire in the sky! I always love the ten minutes before sunrise with the strong colours as the sun enters our atmosphere, and this morning was no exception. I stood over Loch Carron in the Highlands and watched as beams of deep red stretched out across the mountain ranges at the north end of the loch. This was a great start to the day!

Chris Orange Sunrise over Loch Carron
My aim today was to take two ferry’s and land at what is known as Europe’s last wilderness, the Knoydart Peninsular. Even though it’s on the mainland of Scotland it’s only reachable via ferry or a two day trek, as it’s cut off by the mountain ranges that surround it.

The ferry crossing was full of beauty as four Dolphins swam around the boat, and the sun beamed so majestically down on Inverie, the tiny village on the Peninsular that boasts the reputation of having the remotest pub in Britain!

I immediately fell in love with the Knoydart Peninsula, and could very happily spend several weeks enjoying the views and tranquility of what feels like an Island. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t on an Island, but for me that’s the whole charm of the location. It’s a place where you can soak up all the beauty of your surroundings and find that a whole day has passed by as you become caught up in it’s charm – quite magical.

This feeling of isolation creates a wonderful dynamic in the local community, and I noticed that when the ferry arrived it brought in various supplies for the local shop etc, and everyone was there to pitch in and help unload the boat. This is a special place.

Day 3

My final day on this photography trip and today I’ve been exploring the western coastline of this beautiful region, discovering tiny coves set with the dramatic backdrop of huge mountain ranges – it’s almost too much to absorb in one visit. I imagine the perfect way to explore this location would be to hire a camper van and simply stop at every parking bay to drink more tea and soak in the stunning views.

Today was particularly sunny and very clear, and I came across a white sandy beach so beautiful it felt like being on a tropical Island. It was called ‘Sand’ and enjoys far reaching views towards the Isle of Skye and beyond, breathtaking scenery! And as it always the case with these remote areas, there was never more than two or three people on the beach.

If you’re looking for a holiday that provides dramatic scenery, remote Islands and every kind of weather known to man, this is the perfect place!

Video diary of the Remote Britain photo shoot in the West coast of Scotland. In this The Knoydart Peninsula, Loch Carron, the Isle of Skye and the coastal road towards Gairloch.


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  1. Jenna @ Rohan St Andrews says:

    Beautiful! It’s been a few years since I’ve been out that way but you’re making me long for a camping trip…

  2. If only the sea was as warm as it looks…

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