Rohan Reviews – Rohan Dry Delta Jacket

Rohan Dry Delta Jacket

Our latest Rohan Review is from the May print edition of The Great Outdoors Magazine.

The review is in the Summer Gear Guide 2017 with over 200 new products + expert tips.

It includes a comprehensive section on Waterproofs Jackets including what to check for covering fabrics, construction, front closure, ventilation, pockets and fit.

The review includes the Rohan Dry Delta Jacket

The jacket has a simple and smart look that wouldn’t look out of place when worn on a commute. It can hold its own on the hills as well…

Pick up a copy or download a copy of the magazine lots of reading this month. Including  a free 2017 Gear Guide. Over 200 new products + expert tips.

The Great Outdoors Magazine Latest Issue

TGO Magazine May 2017

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  1. The Team @ Rohan St Andrews says:

    There’s also a bit on Stretch Bags. ‘TGO Recommended’ – pros: pockets, lightweight, double seat, 3 leg lengths; cons: nothing! Page 78

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