Rohan Reviews – Rohan Stretch Bags

Rohan Stretch Bags

Our latest review is from the May print edition of The Great Outdoors Magazine.

Stretch Bags included in a review of twelve pairs of walking trousers and over trousers

We are super pleased to report Stretch Bags – The Great Outdoors Recommended…

Rohan Stretch Bags Review The Great Outdoors Magazine May 2017

Pick up a copy or download a copy of the magazine lots of reading this month. Including  a free 2017 Gear Guide. Over 200 new products + expert tips.

The Great Outdoors Magazine Latest Issue


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  1. Karen Bradders says:

    Come on Peter keep up, the Escaper shorts have the same stretchy fabric as said stretch bags….

  2. So when does the Stretch Bags range extend to shorts? (and if it does, here’s a vote for the original leg length: there’s a bit of a clue in the name about how long they need to be…)

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