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Gift Your Gear Sept 2015

At the start of the Spring Gift Your Gear collection in all the Rohan Shops we thought it might be interesting if we talked a little more about what happens to all the lovely gear donated at all the Rohan Shops. During our last Gift Your Gear collection we created an album to tell the Gift Your Gear story…Gift Your Gear at Rohan Autumn 2016 Let’s do it again. Please send us a photo. A few suggestions: A photo of the gear you are donating A photo of yourself in the Rohan Shop If you have a photo of the gear in action that would be great Please sent them to Rohantime or share on Facebook or Twitter Gift Your Gear at any Rohan shop - Sept 2015

A few facts on what happens to your donated gear.

It all makes it’s way to the Gift Your Gear depot for The BIG Sort

It is sorted, inspected and allocated to the Gift Your Gear beneficiary groups.

Sorting is a big job. It very soon becomes apparent that by far the biggest quantity of clothing donated falls into the size range of m- xl. Gift Your Gear is always short of the small sizes and all children sizes. So as well as gifting your own items during March, now would be the perfect time to have a sort out and pass on any outgrown children’s tops, fleece, trousers etc.

All allocated gear is sent out to the beneficiary groups. Over the following months we receive feedback and stories from the young people using your gear back out on the hills where it belongs. Many of these are published on Rohantime. All beneficiary groups have agreed to create gear pools to accommodate the donated gear from Gift Your Gear. To ensure the maximum advantage is gained from your donated gear. Examples of some of the Gift Your Gear beneficiaries

Please Gift YOUR Gear at any Rohan Shop – it will make a difference.

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