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Sarah and Paul interviewed by BBC reporter Ken Cooper 1980

Paul and Sarah Howcroft Co Founders of Rohan BBC Interview Yorkshire Dales 1980

We have talked a lot on Rohantime about the innovation and evolution of UK outdoor gear. It’s a subject that interests us. The stories on Rohantime that have looked a little closer at some of the developments in the industry have one thing in common, it was really all about the people. Their motivations, hopes and aspirations drove innovation that proved to be game changers in the industry. Not only in the UK, it was even more the case in The States. Examples Patagonia nurtured in the early days and now by Yvon Chouinard. There are very few examples of companies in the industry that have had a consistent thread of the founders motivations, hopes and aspirations over so many years. In the UK Nikwax is probable a great example. Any more?

We have some great stories on Rohantime that look at the innovation and came changers in the industry:

The Rohan Heritage category on Rohantime is called Rohan Flashback.

Over the years we have tried to record the history of Rohan on Rohantime in the words and experience of our friends and customers. Rohan Flashback is not a chronological timeline, it is more our collective history in reflection.

Read Enjoy and Contribute to Rohan Flashback Stories you may also be interested in the Rohantime Gallery a collection of Rohan Catalogues and TQQ’s from the early 1970’s.  The Rohan Originals Collection in Rohan Keswick always delights.

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