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Mountain Heritage Trust

I am delighted and proud to introduce Rohantime readers to three lovely Rohan heritage stories captured by the Mountain Heritage Trust.

The Mountain Heritage Trust seeks to identify and collect material which documents Britain’s vibrant climbing and mountaineering history… read more

I was alerted to these by Warren McLaren –  Compass: Charting the Evolution of Outdoor Gear

All three stories refer to Rohan Windlord jacket and salopette used by Alex MacIntyre on  the 1977 Changabang expedition. The Windlord jacket was called Rohan Gwaihir Jacket and the saloppetes the Rohan Landroval Salopette.

Mountain Heritage Trust Alex MacIntyre Changabang

Provenance: Made for 1977 Ladak expedition and used by Alex MacIntyre on summit of Changabang…  read more

Mountain Heritage Trust Rohan Saloette

Provenance: Owned and worn by John Porter on Bandaka in 1977… Read more

Mountain Heritage Trust

Provenance: Worn by Alex MacIntyre on Changabang expedition 1977… Read more

Read more about Windlord on Rohantime.

The Rohan Originals Collection in Rohan Keswick has a fine example of the Rohan Gwaihir Jacket and the Rohan Landroval Salopette and a Windlord Jacket signed by Peter Habeler. That’s another story

Thank you to the Mountain Heritage Trust for allowing Rohantime to share the photo’s and stories. Really appreciated.

Sarah Howcroft


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