Rohan Perth Meet the Designer Event

Rohan Perth Meet the Designer Day 22nd April 2015

It was my very great pleasure to spend the day in the Perth Store with Chris Vandrill and the Perth Team for one of our now famous “Meet the Designer” days. Encouraged to bring old favourites in to show Chris it really was great to see some old friends – from Safari Shirts to On Route trousers – and their very proud owners.

It is so much a part of our brand that we both encourage and respond to feedback from our customers – without whom we wouldn’t be a brand at all. There were some great ideas for new styles and colours, in addition we had a quilt of many Rohan shirts of seasons past (a many pocketed quilt), and an amazing poem about the products in the range supplied by a very precious customer.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come and see us today, the store team and the design team were very appreciative of all the feedback and all the great ideas.

Craig Lees – Area Manager


Rohan Heritage

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