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Welcome to Rohan Woodbridge from Karen, Nick (Manager) and the team.

Rohan Woodbridge 43 The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1AH.

Shop Telephone Number: 01394 610840

Shop Opening Hours:

Monday Closed
Tuesday 09:00-17:00
Wednesday 09:00-17:00
Thursday 09:00-17:00
Friday 09:00-17:00
Saturday 09:00-17:00
Sunday Closed

Meet the team left to right: Meg, Suz, Lois, Karen, Nick, Claudia and Steve.
Meet the team left to right: Meg, Suz, Lois, Karen, Nick, Claudia and Steve.

Rohan Woodbridge.

Set on the Thoroughfare of historic Woodbridge Town, Rohan welcomes you to a beautiful tidal river and many interesting sites and buildings, an area of great natural beauty, a vibrant town and a good walking area. Rohan is the most dog friendly clothing shop in town! The Thoroughfare was recently voted one of the Top 10 High Streets in the UK according to The Sunday Times.

Visit the Rohan shop and meet Karen, Suzanne, Claudia, Steve, Lois, Meg and Nick. We can kit you out for a Safari or an afternoon walking the dog and everything in between. We’ll give you honest advice and suggest the most appropriate clothing according to your needs.

At Rohan Woodbridge we have staff with experience of the following countries and regions:

United Kingdom
Dominican Republic
North Africa including Egypt and Morocco
Tanzania and Zanzibar
Sudan and South Sudan
The Near and Middle East including Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, the occupied Palestinian
Territories, Jordan, Iraq, The Gulf States and Iran.
Central Asia including Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.
Pakistan and Nepal
South-East Asia including Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.
South Pacific – The Solomon Islands and Vanuatu
New Zealand.

If you are contemplating travelling to any of these destinations then why not pop in and pick our brains? We have the knowledge and the gear to suit you.
Check out our world map, maybe plan a trip or remember a past adventure. If you have a picture of yourself in Rohan clothing we’d love to put a copy up on the map for all to enjoy.

Got an old piece of Rohan clothing? Can we borrow it to display on the wall please?

Other attractions in Woodbridge include:
Honey & Harvey, an independent coffee shop opposite Rohan and a step up from the usual high street chains.

Sutton Hoo is just the other side of the Deben from the Tide Mill and can be reached by car or on foot. The 7th Century burial mound of King Redwald discovered on the eve of World War Two and containing some stunning artefacts. A great visit for kids and adults alike. A pleasant walk from Woodbridge along the banks of the River Deben.

Woodbridge lays credible claim to The Grand Old Duke of York of nursery rhyme fame. He’d march his men down from what is now Old Barrack Road to Market Hill (neither up nor down) and from there down to the river where the troops would stand on the edge of the Tide Mill Pool (now a marina) and have target practice across the river into Ferry Cliff where musket balls are still occasionally found.

Back in Woodbridge and in need of sustenance? Try the Old Bell and Steelyard on New Street or the Anchor at the bottom of Quay Street, opposite the railway station. Both pubs are well run and friendly and have good beer and good food.


Rohan Woodbridge

“Rohan Woodbridge customers, Mr. and Mrs. Oldfield who recently visited the Perito Moreno glacier in southern Argentina. They are pictured here standing by the shop counter and in front of the backdrop which is the very Perito Moreno glacier on which they stood. Beside them are two pictures they have given us showing them on the glacier.How cool (in several ways) is that?



History and Memories of Rohan Clothing


  1. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Morning All!

    With another Bank Holiday fast approaching I feel the need to remind you that we will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday 29th. May. Our opening hours either side of the Monday will remain unchanged, 0900-1700 every day apart from Sunday.

    See you soon.

  2. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Did you know that May was National Walking Month?

    I must admit I didn’t until I saw the article on Rohantime. There are so many days, weeks and months vying for your attention promoting either more or more often less healthy lifestyles.

    A walking month sounds like an eminently good idea to try to get out and about a bit more often or to go a bit further than before. I’m off to Derbyshire for the weekend but do enjoy walking around in Suffolk where it is perceived as flat but although we have nothing to rival Cross Fell on the Pennine Way there are hills to go up and down and to give a different view once you get to the top.

    Wherever and how far you go, enjoy the outdoors.

  3. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    This week at Rohan we’re focussing on Insect Shield clothing which keeps bugs off.

    “This permethrin-based treatment is invisible, odourless and impairs the ability of insects including mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, fleas, chiggers and midges to land, and so reduces bites. It’s extremely durable too – and is designed to last for the lifetime of the product.”

    An example of how effective this can be came from a couple who visited the Pantanal region of Brazil. The wife bought treated shirts and trousers whilst her husband looked on and announced that he wasn’t susceptible to mosquito bites and so he didn’t need mosquito proof clothing.

    Once they had been in the Pantanal for a couple of days he counted the mosquito bites on his body but gave up on reaching 150.

    This is just to illustrate that you may be impervious to British mosquitos* but in foreign climes this may not hold true.

    We can kit you out in hats, scarves, tops, trousers and socks impregnated with Insect Shield so that you don’t become the plat du jour.

    On a personal note I’d recommend wearing lighter coloured clothing as mosquitos are drawn to darker colours/area. This is why you will often find your ankles being attacked under the table in restaurants in some far flung corner of the world.

    *Other biting insects are available.

  4. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    With a bank holiday weekend looming this is to let you know that we will be closed on Monday 1st. May but open as usual 0900-1700 on Saturday 29th. April and on Tuesday 2nd. May.

  5. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    The MID SEASON SALE continues and you’ll be pleased to know that we still have a limited stock of Tundra Jackets for men and women. These are our top of the range warmest jacket*.

    So, what is going on with the weather? Yesterday in Woodbridge we had hail, OK, only for about a minute but I ask you, hail in Woodbridge! Today we are much more like Morocco which was once described as a cold country with a hot sun. In the sunshine it is lovely but out of the sun it is distinctly chilly (see Tundra Jacket above).

    Come in and see us soon.

    *I’ve worn a predecessor to the Tundra at minus 30 with just a shirt and light fleece underneath and been warm enough when moving about.

  6. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    The MID SEASON SALE has started!! From today, 20 April until Monday 1st. May there are numerous fantastic bargains to be had with many lines 35% off and some even more than that.

    Summer is on the way but the cold weather is clinging on, we have something in the sale for every season!

    See you soon!

  7. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    With Easter fast approaching our opening hours over the holiday will be as follows:

    Good Friday, 14 April 0900-1700
    Easter Saturday 15 April 0900-1700
    Easter Sunday, 16 April Closed
    Easter Monday,17 April Closed
    Tuesday 18 April 0900-1700

    Happy Easter everyone!

  8. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    I bought my first pair of Bags in April 1986 for the princely sum of £29. When they launched in 1982 they cost £23. Since then Bags have always been in the range for men. Sometimes for women too and in various guises, Original, Winter and Dry as well as numerous colours. There are Bags shorts as well as several other garments made in the fabulous Airlight fabric.

    Now, 35 years since they were launched Bags are still going strong and retail at just £59 a pair.

    Nowadays we have Bags in a stretch material for men and women and they sell alongside the original Bags.

    Bags, timeless and functional.

    See you soon.

  9. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    Gift Your Gear has finished in Rohan shops and has been a great success in Woodbridge. Customers donated 5 boxes to Gift Your Gear and these have been sent off to be sorted.

    Rohan Woodbridge handed over a box of gear on behalf of Gift Your Gear to Farlingaye School DofE Scheme..

    Customers are reminded that we can accept donations at any time even though we can’t give you a discount outside of the official partnership months.

    So, a massive Thank You to all our customers who donated to Gift Your Gear, your generosity is helping others to experience the outdoors.

    We look forward to seeing you again soon.

  10. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    GIFT YOUR GEAR continues apace! GIFT YOUR GEAR collects unwanted outdoor clothing and donates it to UK community organisation, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors, to allow young people to get into the outdoors in the appropriate clothing so that they are properly attired and more likely to enjoy themselves.

    So, until 2nd April, Rohan has partnered with GIFT YOUR GEAR. Donate your unwanted outdoor clothing to GIFT YOUR GEAR at a Rohan shop and as a thank you we’ll give you 15% off full priced articles bought in store on the same day.

    Good isn’t it.

    See you soon.

  11. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    This isn’t news to us but it may be to you.

    Woodbridge has been voted as the best place to live in the East of England as announced on ITV last night.

    So, come on over and visit Woodbridge, the Duke of York with his ten thousand men were here. The last working tide mill in the country (it ceased working in 1957) is here. There has been one on the same sight since 1180. Numerous good pubs, a beautiful and ornate church, St. Mary’s is well worth a look and of course we have Sutton Hoo just over the River Deben.

    While you’re drinking in the beauty of Woodbridge pop into Rohan Woodbridge for well informed advice about the clothing and its use in various climates.

    We’ll see you soon.

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