Rohan Anywhere Belt 1001 Uses

From the archive. First published May 20, 2009 in Flashback

The other day I was engaged in a conversation with a group of people about sustainability through longevity in all our goods and services. The conversation ranged over all aspects of this topic.

As we were about to break up to go to the pub I was asked by one of the group to come outside because he wanted to show me an example of Rohan sustainability through longevity. I wondered what I was going to see at the very least a well worn pair of Rohan Bags, may be a treasured Rohan Pampas Jacket or even a pair of Super Striders.

No nothing like that. I was directed to a very high tech mountain bike. On the back was a luggage carrier, on the carrier a newspaper and waterproofs all wrapped in a plastic carrier of a large supermarket chain that will remain nameless. It was all held in place with a Rohan Bags Belt.

The owner told me he bought the belt when he purchased his first pair of Rohan Bags at one of the Regional Shows in the Stickle Barn in the Langdale Valley. That was a long time ago. From that day, the belt has been in continual use if it was not keeping up his trousers it was on his bike. It was red and still looked as good as new.
Then it struck me. The Rohan Bags Belt has been in production as long as the Rohan Bags. In fact it predates the Bags. Sometimes it’s the small things that bring the most pleasure. It certainly brought a smile to my face.

We adjourned to the pub for lunch. I was then privy to a round of Rohan Belt stories from our group. Their Rohan belts had found uses as a tourniquet, emergency dog lead, slings and even to make an emergency splint. The medical bent struck me. Among the group were members of the local Mountain Rescue. The colours of the belts where red, blue, black and gold.

The Rohan Bags Belt is still being made today. Take a look at one the next time you visit a Rohan shop you will be looking at the oldest Rohan product that has been in continual production for over 30 years.

Join the conversation in the pub and add to the 1001 uses for your Rohan Belt.  Share your stories and photos.

Sarah Howcroft

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