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Supporting Porters Progress

Please donate your sunglasses and support our appeal (plus get £5 off our new optics range)!
Since 2008 Porters Progress has been running a campaign for people to donate unused sunglasses.
Rohan in partnership with Porters Progress are currently seeking donations of high quality sunglasses for the mountain porters of Nepal.
Apart from the impact of cold weather at high altitude, Himalayan porters – like all those who trek in this beautiful partTim Jasper with porters of the world – are at risk of snow blindness. This painful condition is caused by extreme UV levels, which kill the outer cells of the eyeball, leading to blindness. Such problems can be avoided by wearing effective sunglasses that filter UVA and UVB radiation and so prevent damage to the eye.
Customers can donate any unwanted sunglasses (new or used) at any Rohan shop and as an added incentive we’ll take £5 off our new range of sunglasses (in store from May 21st).
To find your nearest shop, please use our shop finder.
For more information about the Porters Project click through to visit their website.
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