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60 Miles on a New Saddle?

Brooks B17

L2B Update – How did it all go…

how was the new saddle?

Well we all made it and a good time was had by (almost) all. The event has grown so much that the sheer pressure of numbers meant for very slow going for the first few hours as we cleared London and tackled the first few hills and road junctions.

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Side to Side – Ride Report

Tim and Kev – St. Davids to Lowestoft by bike.

Day Six 72 miles – Hundon to Lowestoft
Well here we are in exotic Lowestoft. In the Hotel Victoria on the sea front overlooking one of the cleanest beaches in the country apparently – should have brought my swimmers…
380 odd miles finally complete.… Read more

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Tim & Kev Side to Side

Tim and Kev Side to Side

Across the widest bit of Britain by bike.

Tim Jasper, Rohan Brand Director and his good friend Kev are grabbing a week away on their bikes
We’d really like to do the End-to-End but time is not on our side.
But given the opportunity we do want to see as much of our lovely country as is possible (for us) in a week.… Read more