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“These Rohans served me so well in these extreme condition that I have remained with the brand ever since”

Rohan Hilltop JacketThe Rohan Hilltop Jacket is my complete favourite being the jacket that avoids carrying other kit I would previously haul around-coupled with my winter bags and gators to my knees and down over my Brashers, I was well fitted!. There was never a time when felt subject to a wet inner body. Being a bit of a masochist and now in later life at 72 yrs a nordic walker  I will go out no matter what the weather found in the upper Cheviots in my county of Northumberland.
I came across the Rohan brand when, as an explosives engineer in the Sultanate of Oman at that time, early 80s, when the Howcroft couple owned Rohan and they developed the fabrics that today we aficionados of Rohans rate as the tops. When working in the sultanate one year,we had temperatures recorded on a oilrig site, and in the shade, of 62c albeit dry heat one would find shade under a yard rope- in my case,when driving the vast distances between jobs in and around the rub al khali/ umm as samin and the great gravel plains of the interior of Oman. I would find a lump of rock and drive across this on two outer wheels tilting the series ll Land Rover and giving some shade in the shadow – remove the plassie driving/passenger seats, lying a towel across these, I would take my midday break-wearing my early Rohan shirts and shorts, one pair cut down from summer Rohan Bags, lasted for better than 10 of the 14 yrs I was in that wonderful country. These Rohans served me so well in these extreme condition that I have remained with the brand ever since.
Finally my older age size has meant many Rohan items have become a little small for me and handed down to family members and some even went onto a well known website where they were snapped up, even in well worn condition, which says so much for the brand-here endeth the epistle!   Bill (perry) Harries
ps. All pictures of this time were taken with a SLR camera and are stills and in albums with only a few by modern digital camera and not in the Oman desert having left there in 1993-regrets-Bill