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Rohan in Afghanistan

Afghanistan isn’t a country you’d normally think of for your summer break, but John Pilkington took his Rohans up the Wakhan Corridor and found a little Shangri-La.

High in the Pamir Mountains, Afghanistan meets its northern neighbour Tajikistan on the banks of the thundering Panj River.… Read more

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Inspirational Trips for 2011

Albanian mountains
Looking to do somthing unusual or find an off the beaten track destination for your next trip? Here are some ideas. Where will you be going this year? Share your ultimate trip ideas.
Walking in Jordan – The peaceful Kingdom of Jordan, provides a wonderful destination for adventure holidays.… Read more

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Year in the life of a Rohan Wear Tester

Alan and Tim summit of Aonach Beag Rohan Pinnacle Jackets

Alan Ward – Friend of Rohan

I’ve known Alan for many years now and count him as a good friend and an excellent mountain guide. He has that excellent combination of huge enthusiasm for the outdoors and total unflappability in tough situations.Read more

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The Nearest Far Away Country

Swimming in Lac d’Ifni below the summit of Jbel Toubkal

“Morocco surpasses all other destinations because it is quite simply ‘le pays lointain le plus proche’ (the nearest far away country)”. Alan

Rohantime recently caught up with Alan Palmer, author of Moroccan Atlas – the Trekking Guide. We have a bit of a Morocco theme this month on Rohantime, starting with the Rohan Trio’s trip to Toubkal, Alan’s story and followed by a review of the Rohan Elite trouser on a recent trek in the High Atlas.… Read more