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Rohan Trailblazer Trousers Review

Men's Trailblazers Rohan Outdoor Clothing
Rohan Trailblazer Trousers Review Wild Camping UK 29th June 2011
My Rohan Trailblazer trousers were supplied by Rohan, King Edward Street, Leeds.
The trousers I am reviewing are Ink colour, which is a dark blue. They are 36” waist, regular length which is perfect for my 5’10” height.
The trousers have an elasticated waist and quick release belt. They feature two, zipped side pockets and two cargo style, thigh pockets that close with a Velcro fastener. At the rear is a deep back pocket with Velcro fastener. The trousers are made from 100% Polyamide which is better known as Nylon. Nylon is light and has hard wearing characteristics.
The internal trouser label states the Rohan Trailblazers are designed in the UK, made in Vietnam.
Rohan markets the trousers as ’Supremely comfortable, technical trousers for the serious walker.’
I have worn the Trailblazers for 12 months, they fit me well, the fabric is quite nice and they have a decent cut. The waist to crouch length is perfect and when kneeling they don’t pull to tight as the fabric stretches slightly. The waist line is just right and not to low or high. The legs have a perfect amount of space. I don’t have huge thighs and there is certainly some air around my legs but not enough for the trousers to flap widely in the wind and get dragged round the back of my legs.
The trouser bottoms are a good size and fit well over my Meindl boots. When I wear the Trailblazers with my Terrocs the backs of the trousers sometimes just touch the floor and get mucky in damp conditions. Wind resistance is generally good. I’ve worn them on walks up many fells including Helvellyn and my legs have felt numb at the front from the cold and wind but the fabric does take the edge of it. Mobility is great, I’ve climbed boulders and scrambled down screen slopes in the Rohan Trailblazers with no restriction whatsoever.
The Rohan Trailblazers cope well with light rain but if they do get wet they always dry out completely over night. I feel the Trailblazers are a good Spring to Autumn trousers. I have had slightly sweaty legs on hot summer days with them but the breathability is generally good. I will say they aren’t nettle resistant as I have found out on several occasions.
The side pockets are handy and I like the idea of the zips to keep my belongings safe. I do think a back zip would be a good idea and I believe Rohan have added this to this year’s Trailblazer trousers design. The Rohan Trailblazers have worn and washed well over the twelve months I have used them. I’ve got a fair bit of Rohan clothing and some wear and wash better than others. I’ve experienced bobbling with some Rohan fabrics in the past which is very annoying but the Trailblazers haven’t exhibited this.
After some very hard use the trousers still look good. No problems with the stitching or any rips or tears. The Rohan Trailblazers weigh in at 450g and pack down to 1000ml size. When checking Rohan’s website the price seems to have increased by a considerable amount since I was sent them last year. The only real downside I can find they seem quite expensive.
Rohan Trailblazers are a good trouser ideal for walking, camping and outdoor pursuits.
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