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The Rohan Shirt

rohan shirt promotion
The Rohan Shirt
The lineage of the Rohan shirt is almost as long as the trousers.
The Hyde Windshirt, Moving On, Tropical and Safari shirt of the late 1970’s and 1980’s started it all.
Lightweight, fast drying and crease resistant,  Rohan shirts are specifically designed for travel.… Read more

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Handmade in Harrogate

We all know that Rohan shirts last a long time.
Over time they become cherished items, loaded with the memories of the times that they were worn, the holidays they were taken on and the photographs they appeared in.
If you change your mind about the colour or gain a couple of pounds and things don’t fit as well as they used to, you can pass it on or sell your gear through Recycle Outdoor Gear (ROG) or donate it on to a charity shop and let somebody else benifit from the many years of funtional use left in the item.… Read more