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TGO Recommends Inner Flame

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Keep warm when it’s cold. Keep warm when it’s wet.

Keeping warm in the British hills is a real challenge. In winter, it can get pretty cold – but it’s very rarely ‘arctic’ cold. Typically, the temperature’s hovering around zero – which means there’s always a lot of water around.
Melting snow is wet, sleety rain is wet, condensed sweat is wet. And, given that the key to keeping warm is trapping air – dry air – with your clothing, all these things can be bad news. If you’re not wearing the right gear.
The Rohan Inner Flame Jacket is designed for exactly these sorts of conditions – the kind of cold, damp, miserable, soul-destroying weather that us British walkers seem to relish!  Wear it any time a fleece isn’t quite warm enough; link it into a Rohan shell to make a fantastic skiing jacket; wear it around town on chilly days or stick it in your carry-on bag for winter city breaks. It’ll take all this – and much more. Buy the Rohan Inner Flame Jacket
Rohan Inner Flame Jacket

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Rohan Clothing Reviews

What’s your favourite item of Rohan Clothing?
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The writer of every review published will receive a Bullet Space Pen. It writes in any condition, extreme cold down to minus 45 celsius, extreme heat up to 120 celsius, underwater even upside down.
First manufactured by Paul C. Fisher in 1948, the distinctive styling of the Bullet Space Pen has been cited as an outstanding example of “exquisite industrial design. It is part of the permanent collection of New York’s MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).
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