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Rohan a Family Affair

Al and Joy Thorong La Pass 5380m north of Annapurna

It’s 25 years since the first Rohan shop opened in the Lake District.

The Evans family opened the first Rohan Franchise in Windermere 25 years ago, that’s a long time ago. Al, Joy and Ben Evans are very much part of the Rohan family and Rohan Keswick is now the home of the Rohan Originals a fantastic display of the early history of Rohan in the garments that changed the outdoor world for ever.… Read more

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Outdoor Stars

This is a short resume of the outdoor stars mentioned by Al in the series of interview Rohan a family affair first published on Rohantime 28/03/2011. A very big thank you to Al, Joy and Ben for sharing their family and business memories with us all on Rohantime.… Read more

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Celebrating 25 and 50 at 70+

Attempt on the 63 Lakeland Peak Record 1973 A. Heaton and A. Evans coming into the Lairthwaite Road check point Keswick
It has been a great privilege to record for Rohantime the story of the First Rohan Franchise with Al Joy and Ben Evans.
This is the final part of the interview and covers Al and Joys outdoor life. I did managed to get some tips from them on how they have sustained their love of the outdoors over so many years.… Read more