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New Guides for Old

New Guides for Old with Guide Book Exchange Scheme
There is nothing more redundant than a guide book of a place you have visited. Mine end up on a shelf and are forgotten.
I pricked up my ears when I learnt about a great new initiative.… Read more

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Declutter at ShAFF

Declutter at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival
Sheffield Adventure Film Festival – ShAFF a really popular event with seventy-five Epic Adventures and four Big Screens on the weekend of the 9th – 11th March 2012 are organising a second-hand outdoor kit sale sponsored by MyOutdoors.… Read more

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Extreme Minimalism?

Extreme Minimalist
Living with only 15 items
A recent article caught my attention entitled Extreme Minimalism.
Written by Andrew Hyde who in his own words lives on the road.
In August of 2010 he sold everything he owned and currently owns only 15 things as an expression of minimalism.… Read more