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Ryan Roberts Fan Club.

Ryan Roberts Fan Club.

phil rohan southportWe have been inundated with enquiries as to how Ryan is getting on with his new career in the RAF so we thought it appropriate to bring everyone up to date with his progress.  Ryan is currently stationed at RAF Halton and we are delighted that he graduated on the 15th May 2012 and true to form he won the Mayor of Aylesbury trophy for the best recruit on No 9 Flight for the best overall performance in all aspects of training.
Ryan will commence his second phase of training on the 30th June 2012 at RAF Digby for 18 weeks and then he hopes to be stationed at RAF Leeming in Yorkshire were he can indulge his passion for walking and cycling, and of course his treasured Rohan gear.
We are as you would expect extremely proud of Ryan and his achievements thus far. Ryan had worked for us for over four years and we were very sorry to see him leave us but we are also delighted that he has found a career that he is passionate about as he was with the Rohan and we are confident that he will do extremely well and be a credit to his chosen service.
Many Thanks for all your good wishes, we will pass them on to Ryan on his next visit to us.

PhilRohan Southport 
Rohan in Southport