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Linen with added Rohan

Rohan Linen Plus
Rohan’s Linen Plus™
From its earliest days Rohan has challenged conventional thinking on clothing. The breakthroughs that followed built the reputation for innovation that is still a driving force today.
Linen Plus™ is a great example of taking an established but flawed concept and applying the Rohan ‘Re-think’ principle.… Read more

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Linen without the downsides

Women's Rohan Linen Plus Jacket
Linen Plus™ – Linen with added Rohan.
All the cool, classic comfort of linen, without looking like an unmade bed.
Linen always looks good on models in catalogues.
The reality is, it only looks good for about half an hour.
By combining traditional linen with sophisticated modern fibres, Rohan Linen Plus™ is linen without the downsides.… Read more