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Summer Hillwalking with Rohan

British Summer Hillwalking
British summer hillwalking – Wet, windy and pretty chilly?
If you’re the sort of person who spends their evenings poring over Ken Wilson’s seminal book, the Big Walks, planning the next Munro to be ticked, thinking about the next great traverse to be tamed or working out how many tops you can cram into your upcoming holiday then you’ll know one thing about the British weather: it’s unpredictable. Wet, windy and pretty chilly one weekend. Hot and humid another.
Which is why your clothing needs to be versatile. You know all about layers – and that’s still the best way to handle the meteorological vagaries of the British mountain regions. Everything we recommend for British hillwalking is designed to offer no-nonsense durable protection. It’s light, comfortable, easy to stuff into a rucksack and versatile. The sort of gear that won’t let you down, when you need it most.
Check out the latest suggestions for your summer hillwalking kit list.
Women’s British Summer Hillwalking
Men’s British Summer Hillwalking
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