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New Arrivals Autumn 2017 – Rohan Hilltop Jacket

New Arrivals Autumn 2017  – Rohan Hilltop Jacket

Rohan Hilltop Jacket
We always look forward to New Arrivals time, when new season goodies arrive in the Rohan Shops. We will be featuring a selection of New Arrivals on Rohantime over the next few weeks.
 Rohan Hilltop Jacket Features, Reviews & Mentions

A top-specification waterproof designed in a longer length for complete protection… read more Women’s Hilltop Jacket and Men’s Hilltop Jacket

A selection of Hilltop reviews and stories on Rohantime:
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Hilltop Jacket Customer Review

 Clare, Sarah And Bertha On The Dales Way

The Rohan Hilltop – A Real Walking Jacket

My Hilltop Jacket a worthy successor to my old waterproof

Moray scoots about in his Hilltop

Swaledale Walk on Harkerside Moor with Tim Laurie

Rohan Barricade Fabric Review

There are thirty five Hilltop reviews & stories  –  Hilltop Rohantime

Read more about Rohan Barricade™
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Rohan Escapist Jacket

Rohan Men's Escapist Jacket
Rohan Escapist Jacket for men – Getting ready for the Great Escape-ist…
Always an exciting time here in Design when the final pre-Production prototypes of the range start to show up at the office.
Doubly exciting because that means the bulk production is on its way and will be with you very shortly.… Read more