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Not a Runner – A Runners Kit List

photo: Saul by Robert Swindells

Update: 04/07/12  “After completing the Leeds half marathon I have barely been able to run, something in my right knee had started to hurt and the physio. couldn’t help, the life of a Rohan shopkeeper does not include that much opportunity for a good long sit down so it has taken ages for me to get better. But raising money for Saint Michaels Hospice is important to me and although if it starts hurting again I might have to give it up for this year I am back in training, wiser than last time and a little more cautious, I have set up a just giving page and I hope that some people will use it to give some money for a charity that really does a great job for the people of Harrogate. Off we go”….  Saul Ward
Any day that I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy

“I became a great runner because if you are a kid in Leeds and your name is Sebastian you’ve got to become a great runner.” Lord Sebastian Coe

It’s not just Rohan who’s turning 40 this year. I am too. I know it’s only a number, but these things make a difference.
I cycle every day to the shop but never really exercised aside from that. My weight slowly increased… we all know the story.
I would like to say that I am not and probably never will be a ‘runner’ however earlier this year in a moment of clarity, I signed up to do the Great North Run as a fundraiser for Saint Michael’s Hospice
I think that it was partly a lifestyle change, as well as a way to do something good for somebody else. A great many of our customers sign up for charity treks rather than holidays and I can understand why. Last year we raised money for The Yorkshire Air Ambulance through the Rohan Harrogate Lectures. This year I have teamed up with Saint Michael’s Hospice, as well as the GNR and I am hoping to host another season of lectures, so as soon as we have a list and some dates I’ll let you know more.
Next time you come in to see us bring some small change, put it into the box for the hospice. Every little helps and I know that your support means a lot.
For those of you who don’t know the GNR here are a few stats:

It is the world’s biggest and most iconic half marathon
The spectator lined course covers 13.1 miles from Newcastle to the picturesque coastal finish in South Shields
Live music from ‘bands on the run’ to keep you motivated every step of the way
Live on BBC television
£48 entry fee includes t-shirt, medal finishers pack, accurate chip timing
The Bupa Great North Run is the premier event in the Great Run series and is firmly established as the world’s most popular half-marathon.

Look at their website for details of how to join in.

In my brief and inauspicious running attempts I have so far managed to learn a few things about running:

From starting running at a very low level, not so very long ago I could only run for 5 minutes without clutching my chest and having a break, this is normal.
I have learnt a few things about barefoot running (not barefoot) and pose running after a few bad days where I could not walk as my knees were suffering, but persistance always pays off.
I should never run two days in a row. Rest days are important.
Dont wear too much when you set off, you generate a lot of heat even on a moderate run.
You cannot propel yourself forwards by patting yourself on the back.

Kit List:

The product I have most been excited about from the new range is the Windrider Jacket, I know it’s a cycling top, but it is also the perfect running shell: super light, pockets for hat and gloves, crafty ‘running lights’ reflectors and a little strap in the pack pocket to help you to not drop your jacket after you have warmed up and taken it off. Seriously cool.
Rohan tops are made of quick-drying fabrics which cleverly wick sweat away from the skin stopping that cycle of hot/cold that we all know and hate. Personally I like the Superfine Merino long sleeve top for colder days, T-Plus for temperate days and until you have tried the Ultra Silver T on a hot day, you really have no idea how good it is. Trust me.
Psychologically, covering your head and hands makes you feel warmer too so keep toasty in chilly weather with a Superfine Merino hat and Weather System Gloves Inner are great and easy to pocket after you have warmed up.
I have really enjoyed running through the winter in Rohan Essential Trousers. As a newcomer to the sport, I have not yet crossed the intellectual and physical transom in to lycra but I think that I will be running in River Shorts before that happens!
You might think about getting your gait analysed to make sure you’re wearing the right trainers for your running style. A little known fact is that the specialist running shop ‘Up and Running’ is actually based right here in Harrogate and why not combine your visit to us with a look at new pair of running shoes? We can talk about this when you pop in. If anyone from ASICS reads this I would like a new pair of gel Kayano 18s please, look at the website for the address, Thanks.
Maybe if you are already a big distance runner then you could think about the inaugural year of the Milton Keynes Marathon, it is only a few months away… Or have a look at our friend Mat from Winchester’s post about his mountain marathon later in the year for inspiration.

My feeling is that any day that I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy.
 Saul –  Rohan Harrogate founder Rohan Harrogate Lectures