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TGO Review – Rohan Dry Ascent Trousers

rohan dry accent trousers

Review TGO  – The Great Outdoors October 2012

Rohan Dry Ascent Trousers

Waterproof trousers for people who hate waterproof trousers

Dry Ascent Trousers                                           TGO Review

  • Waterproof walking trousers.                                                      TGO Nov Dry Ascent
  • Barricade™ liner.
  • Active Diffusion™ technology.
  • Two hand pockets.
  • Accessory loop.
  • Zipped rear pocket.
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Rohan Escapist Jacket

Rohan Men's Escapist Jacket
Rohan Escapist Jacket for men – Getting ready for the Great Escape-ist…
Always an exciting time here in Design when the final pre-Production prototypes of the range start to show up at the office.
Doubly exciting because that means the bulk production is on its way and will be with you very shortly.… Read more

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Review Women’s Chomrong

Country Walking Magazine Review June 2012 –  Women’s Chomrong 
Comfortable, durable shoe for trail walking and everyday use.
Made from a combination of nubuck and full grain leather with a waterproof lining, our Chomrong is a wonderfully comfortable, supportive shoe for trail walking, cycling and everyday travel use
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Comfortable, durable shoe for trail walking and everyday use. Read more