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I use my iPad for…

I use my

Tim Jasper, Brand Director discusses why he rates his iPad

I wouldn’t like you to think that I’m an Apple “fanboy“… but ever since I got my very first Mac I realised why Apple’s approach to computing inspires such fierce loyalty. You may not care that their products look beautiful, but I love the way they work easier and better. Sure you pay “Apple-tax” – their products are expensive – but they are the only integrated hardware and software digital provider, and a true innovator.
It’s worth remembering that Apple have singlehandedly transformed the music industry and the phone industry – which is no mean achievement for what used to be just a computer company.
The iPad is a funny one. I was sceptical until I went and tried one. It’s not really a computer – it’s a new way of doing most of the things you would normally use a computer for. And the gateway to a whole new bunch of things you could possibly do with a computer-type device.
There’s a vast amount of much more detailed and expert opinion online than I can offer, but I thought I’d just jot down a few of the things I’ve found really work for me.
I use my iPad for:
EMAIL: because everything is on screen and touch sensitive I’ve found that ploughing through 100+ emails a day is quicker and easier on the iPad than on my desktop. Sure, the visual keyboard takes quite a lot of getting used to, but it helps keep my email replies short!
WORD PROCESSING: brilliant for taking minutes of meetings there and then. Seems less intrusive than doing this on a laptop and very efficient to email the minutes out a couple of seconds after the meeting’s ended.
Writing documents – using PAGES – is fine. They can be emailed out as PDF’s or Word documents at the press of a “button”.
SPREADSHEETS: I try not to be a heavy spreadsheet user, but NUMBERS seems to handle everything I need it to do and again can easily be exported as an Excel file.
BOOKS & MAGAZINES: just download the KINDLE app for free and use it as a glorified Kindle device. I still find it amazing to read a review of a book in the Sunday papers, download the book on the iPad and be reading it a few minutes later. Digital versions of magazines and newspapers are slowly developing into a genuinely new format as well, with movie content and live weblinks – very interesting.
MUSIC & FILM: of course it plays music and movies. I recently bought a couple of TV documentary series that I missed and wouldn’t otherwise have time to watch. Although it felt odd to have to pay for this kind of content it was not expensive and the fact I can watch ’em whenever and wherever I want now makes it feel like money well spent.
NOTES AND TASKS: I use TOODLEDOO all day every day. It’s an integrated task manager and notebooks app (there’s lots out there and I tried a few until I stayed with this one). I now have dozens of notebooks with many hundreds of entries for every aspect of my job. You can sync it back to the web instantly for a full, secure backup. The task manager (glorified to-do list maker) is great and integrates with the notebooks you’ve created so you can have tasks organised by your own topics.
WEB: being as most people mainly use their laptop for surfing the web while sitting on the sofa… this is where the iPad seems quite transformative. Web browsing is a cinch and feels a much richer and very different experience on a tablet rather than hunched over an overheating laptop.
GAMES? Nah, haven’t got time… My five year old enjoys playing games on the iPad, mind.
Oh and a whole day’s battery life.
All in all you can see I have become a bit of a convert. I just kind of snuck up on me… I can see that portable, high powered tablets have the potential to transform the way we use digital devices and, more interestingly as they become more common, transform the way we consume books, music, movies, magazines and newspapers. And the way we work. The extraordinarily rich amount of Apps available also mean there are tools for almost everything you can imagine you might want to do on a “computer”.
Bill Gates once said no one gets to vote on how technology changes their lives. He’s right and the iPad has certainly – in a small but quite enriching way – changed mine.
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