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Ambleside Rushbearing

Rushbearing Ambleside 2012
“Rushbearing – This is a festival celebration associated with the ancient custom of annually replacing the rushes on the earth floors of churches, rushes being a general term for rushes, reeds and sweet smelling grasses. Once widespread, very few places now continue this tradition. Ambleside BrassAlthough the church plays a leading role, today Rushbearing is a community event. The bearings vary from large ornate devices such as hoops, staves and crosses to simple sheafs carried by children. Composed mainly of rushes cut from nearby lake shores, they are highly decorated with mosses, flowers and greenery.”
Ambleside RushbearingThe sun shone over Ambleside  for the annual Ambleside Rushbearing 2012. The sound of brass playing and applause filled the air as local people and children alike paraded through the town with their brightly decorated rushes.Even the local mountain rescue team got involved marshalling the event. Vanessa who works in Rohan Ambleside explained a bit more: “We all took part as children. Following the parade we used to end up at the hall and got some gingerbread, crisps and a drink followed by a sports day at the park” …sounds like fun, especially the gingerbread part!
Paul – Rohan Ambleside