Those extra baggage charges

Airlines hit travellers with extra baggage charges.

There has been a lot of press coverage in the last few weeks about the add on fees for baggage that are being changed by low cost airlines.

An article in the Guardian last week reported…

Holdaymakers switch to smaller bags – and lots of pockets – to beat low-cost carriers’ add-on fees that can cost a family £90

Sky-high baggage charges have caught out one in five holidaymakers this summer, with travellers forced to pay an average of £25 in charges or fines. As a result, three out of four will pack lighter for their travels during the rest of the season, according to a survey by

Deep pockets are very useful to disperse some of the charges but the bigger issue is what we are actually packing in the bags that is costing so much to transport.

That’s the Rohan secret. Small pack size, low weight, easy wash and dry, looks and smells good after continual wear and copes with all climate zones. All contribute to being able to say goodbye to hold luggage and just pack the carry on. It all goes to make life a lot easier as well as travel costs without those nasty surprises.

If you have just returned from your travels and managed to do it without packing the wardrobe share your secrets with us.

I don’t think Michael O’Leary would be pleased as extra charges for checked luggage is a big earner for the low cost airlines

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