Wandering to Warsaw on two wheels

UK to Poland by Bike

London to Warsaw 2000km on the Euroroute R1

I’m Ben Hambidge. I live in Bristol, UK, and am currently cycling across Europe… partly for the sheer challenge of it, but also to raise money for WaterAid. I set off on 28th July 2010, and hope to reach Warsaw before the  end of August.
I’m not a hard-core cyclist – in fact I’m not even a soft-core one. Fairest of weather and the flattest of terrains has been a prerequisite up till now, and rarely for more than a local ride. Apart from tackling Bristol to London last year, I’ve never done more than a day trip.
The journey will be about 2,000 km long. I expect to take it at variable pace, covering a good distance on some days, and enjoying the local attractions on others.

I’m not a particularly (read: at all!) an active person, but I like to do things and go places a little out of the ordinary. I used to live in Warsaw, and have taken the train, car and plane to get there before – so I thought this time I’d cycle. Clearly this is an impossible proposition – so I’m hoping it might just work! It’s about 2000 km from London to Warsaw via the international cycling Euroroute R1. Fortunately the first part across the Netherlands and the west part of Germany is pretty flat, so I’ll be a bit fitter by the time I get to the hilly part.

I’ll be taking it relatively easy (in cyclists terms – about 30-40 miles a day to start, hopefully upping to 60 miles a day when I’m a bit fitter), and stopping at Hostels and doing some CouchSurfing. Hoping to get to Warsaw by the end of August.

I’ve got to pack very light for the trip, so loved the idea of Rohan clothes – lightweight, pack tight, quick drying, etc etc. I think I went a bit overboard though and bought practically everything I’m taking!

Read about my travels on my blog or follow my progress on the map

To motivate myself to keep going, I’m also raising money for WaterAidAll Donations welcome

In the photo Ben is wearing Rohan Clothing including a pair of Rohan Elite trousers kindly donated by Alex at the Rohan Bristol shop.

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