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Outdoor Innovations 50/50 Readers Choice

Outdoor Innovations 50/50 the search for the most innovative outdoor products of the last 50 years.

Over the last couple of weeks Rohantime has seen a flood of nominations for the most innovative outdoor gear of the last 50 years.

There have been some surprising entries to name but a few in no particular order:

Mypressi  – Portable Espresso Maker
White Box – Meths stove 100% recycled materials
AlpKit – LiteStix Titanium chopsticks
Photon – Black Crater Gear Cord Lock Light
Alpkit –  Figfour dry tool

The depth of discussion around this topic is amazing. From recalling products that are no longer in production, outdoor gear that has just entered the market, products that have migrated from other markets and all the digital technology, it’s a great mix. This is readers choice, every vote counts. Don’t forget to nominate your top three.

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Outdoor Innovations 50/50 is featured in many outdoor blogs across the world, including some of our home based favourites:

Outdoors Magic Forum – check out the in depth discussions and blog

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Coming soon – the people behind some of the gear you have nominated.

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