London to Brighton Bike Ride


The London to Brighton Bike Ride 21st June 2009

Rohan is gearing up for the London to Brighton bike ride. There are 12 of us taking part in the ride. 33 days to go, but hey who’s counting? As the days disappear, the fear is setting in (for me anyway), saddle sore here we come. 54 miles seems like a very long way.

We went for our first training session a few weeks ago, approximately 15 miles around the city of Milton Keynes. We managed to take in many sights along the red way*; Willen Lake, Campbell Park, Furzton Lake to name but a few. Cycling around Milton Keynes you can’t help but be reminded about how ahead of its time it was when it was designed. How many cities can you cycle around so easily barely crossing the path of a car? We’re now planning for our second ride. This time it looks like the stakes are being upped, there has been mention of 20 miles!

Back in June 2008, when I first started cycling to work there was only my bike stored in the warehouse leaning against the overflowing shelves, no friends to keep it company. Now, I have to battle my way through the bikes in order to find somewhere to lean mine. There has been a cycling revolution it would appear. What with Rohan taking part in the bike to work scheme and the imminent London to Brighton bike ride the warehouse is busier than ever with bikes.

On the 5 mile trip to work my bike hasn’t really been put through its paces so I’m crossing my fingers it’ll be taking me across the finishing line in Brighton not the other way around. Note to self, must learn to fix a puncture.

Forward planning isn’t normally a forte of mine but I am already thinking of what I am going to wear on the day in question. The new Leeway Capris are looking like a strong favourite, the fabric is stretchy enough on the knees to allow flexibility and they’re very comfy. Can we trust the British weather in June? My guess is no, so I’m hoping that the new Goa Top will provide me with enough protection from the elements, whatever weather is thrown our way.

I wonder if any Rohanists will be taking part in the London to Brighton bike ride? Any cycling anecdotes, humorous, painful or otherwise in preparation for the big day? We’d love to hear from you.

* Red Way is the name given to the cycle paths in Milton Keynes. If you’ve ever visited, you’ll see that they are actually red.

Laura Whinyates (from the marketing team at Rohan)

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