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Rohan Bags Can
Rohan can ad

An early example of Rohan Advertising circa 1987

Do you remember this ad?

A series of Rohan Can advertisements ran from 1983 – 1987. The illustration above is the 1987 version. The ad ran in a number of the glossy Sunday magazines.

In a post on Rohantime Jon Boston talked about the history of the Rohan Can adverts

“The ad, by the way, was as simple as it was dramatic. To illustrate Rohan’s pack-small ability, it showed a drinks can, open one end, with a pair of Rohan Bags stuffed inside – and above it, the entertainingly ambiguous headline: Rohan Can. That was 30+ years ago. And Rohan still does”
Jon BostonRohan Heritage 40 years

A big thank you to Warren McLaren, who sent us the copy of this ad. Check out Warrens impressive work Charting the Evolution of Outdoor Gear

The search goes on for other copies of the Rohan Can ad…

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