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Sometime in the very early 1980s, a man called Robert bought a pair of Rohan Bags in light olive colour. (Sadly cannot remember if this was the colour Rohan called them and the catalogues have long bitten the dust.)  He liked them so much he found himself wearing them all the time. Obviously he needed more than one pair! So began a period of intense Rohanitis.

In a different part of the UK, at around the same time, a woman called Glenda saw an advert for Rohan Bags and was kent-herts-85-87-35impressed with the fact that they made different ones to fit women! Not a common occurrence in outdoor gear back then. An order went off in the post.

And then… shortly thereafter another love affair began, not only with Rohan but with each other. In November 1984, Glenda and Robert got married, dressed head to toe in Rohan!

Until a couple of years ago we still possessed the bulk of the many, many Rohan garments we purchased from Rohan in the 80’s. As an unfortunate result of the passing years, we have both changed size, ever so slightly. The garments, though worn almost continuously for nearly a decade, remained in great condition and many have passed on to younger siblings, our son, or, even very recently, to our outdoor-mad nieces. They probably didn’t realise the vintage nature of their clothing; they just knew that others thought they were cool in some unusually designed garments.

Robert still possesses an old Action Jacket (at last relegated to gardening) and Pampas jacket. And, more importantly still wears his Rohan Salopettes circa 1986. These saw heavy duty use throughout the 80s and 90s for back country skiing trips and, after a couple of years of rest in the back of the wardrobe, have more recently come out of retirement to still be favoured wear for winter hiking and fishing for trout on chilly lochs in the hills. We both still find our old Wild Vests excellent protection against the chill winds that can fly round Scotland at any time of the year.

The Bags, Hot Bags (these two we possessed in just about every colour available),  Action Jackets, Pampas, Savannah, Olfios, Wild Vests, Jekylls and Hydes, The Striders, Superstriders, Spyders (or were they spelled Spiders? -and I’ve probably not remembered them all off the top of my head) not to forget the Dunova base layers: so many garments did we purchase in a very few short years that it is quite possible the only people who wore more Rohan than us were the Howcrofts themselves.  For our “honeymoon treat”, immediately after marrying in the morning, we visited a Rohan roadshow and bought even more items in Rohan’s excellent sales!

Such an addiction could never have come about if the garments’ design, materials and overall performance had not been utterly sublime.

Glenda and Robert George

Thank you Glenda and Robert for such a great story. I have to admit we are spoilt for choice with the photo’s so we created two special Rohantime flickr photostream’s of the photos so we can all share them. Please take a look.

Rohan Heritage

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