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Rohan Harrogate

Welcome to Rohan Harrogate from Manager Saul, Rob, Liz, Josh and Gill.

Rohan Harrogate Address: 21 Station Square, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 1SY

Shop Phone Number: 01423 5087666

Opening Times:

Monday 11:00-16:00
Tuesday 09:30-17:30
Wednesday 09:30-17:30
Thursday 09:30-17:30
Friday 09:30-17:30
Saturday 09:30-17:30
Sunday Closed

Directions to our shop: The Harrogate train runs between York and Leeds with services every hour. Bus services run frequently from local townships and cities as well. Ripon, Skipton, Northallerton and The Dales are not too far away, so whether you are visiting Harrogate or coming through specifically to see what we have in our shop, it’s easy to get to.

shop photo

Manager Saul is one of the company’s longest serving Managers, first running the Cambridge store and then moving up to Harrogate in 2004 where he enjoys cycling and running around the local area, as well as making furniture, woodworking as well as a healthy obsession with all kinds of music.

Deputy Manager Rob has been with the company for six years, having recently bought a house with his partner he happily devotes his time to DIY. In his spare moments he is a talented photographer and enjoys a bit of Photoshop from time to time!

Liz, when she is not in the store is a wonderfully devoted mother to Phoebe and having lived in Cyprus and Berlin as a youngster really enjoys spending her time in and around her beloved Harrogate.

Josh is a real outdoorsman, having worked in the outdoors pursuits industry for a number of years brings a very high degree of knowledge about the world outside the front door.

Gill has travelled very extensively around the UK and Europe in campervans, usually her travelling stories ends up with her saying ‘and the car stopped working not long after that…’

Our store was opened in 2005 and is a converted three storey Victorian town house, directly opposite the train station and next door to the Victoria shopping centre. It is constructed from local Yorkshire stone and has a wonderful wrought iron canopy. The front of the building retains period iron framed windows and the overall effect is of a building that has retained its original charm.

We have a rolling exhibition of local photographers’ work around the shop including some very nice local shots by Robert Swindells and a selection of travel photographs by Sam Oakes.

The Nearest Parking – Victoria Multi Storey Car Park which is linked to the Victoria Shopping Centre by a bridge.

Local Knowledge – Harrogate is one of Yorkshire’s most beautiful towns to visit. Often people combine their visit to Rohan with a relaxing spa session in the Royal Baths or a trip to RHS Harlow Carr which is only a 45 minute walk from the store through the beautiful valley gardens.

No visit to Harrogate is complete without a visit to Bettys Tea Rooms where you can enjoy a cup of tea in very smart surroundings with a nice fat rascal (it’s a cake).

We are also home to the Harrogate International Centre which hosts some of the biggest events in the country and was the home of many a story from the early years of Rohan. It makes a great day out for any holiday in the Yorkshire Dales.

Staff Recommendations

When visiting Rohan Harrogate, make sure that you plan to spend lunch in town. Just on the square we have:

Carluccios, serving the best in Italian cuisine to eat in or take out. Bib and Tucker, bringing fabulous hand filled rolls made fresh infront of you and soup to the masses, Filmore and Union with a terrific selection of healthy vegan, veggie, celiac, tasty food, all very posh with superfood salads. The Harrogate Meatball Company, any guesses about what they sell?

Also, just around the corner we have Bettys Tea Rooms, one of the worlds best eating experiences, afternoon tea is serious treat food in rather fine surroundings. If that is too much for you then have a look into Baltzersens Ltd. a Swedish inspired cafe on Oxford Road, lovely cinnamon buns made fresh every morning or Hoxton North, a boutique coffee experience Parliament street, perfect for the true caffeine connoisseurs

If you get the chance to spend a weekend, you might enjoy a pint in the Old Bell, president Clinton’s favourite pub in Harrogate and catch a show in the Harrogate Theatre.

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Gift YOUR Gear it belongs outdoors


  1. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Just because it’s gloomy outside doesn’t mean it’s not spring inside Rohan Harrogate! Come on in and pick yourself up something nice for the coming warm weather!

  2. Rohan Harrogate says:

    The sun is out in Harrogate and summer is definately on its way! So why not come in and grab yourself one of our fantastic t-shirt in our two new summer colours!

  3. Rohan Harrogate says:

    How about a quick ride into Harrogate to have a look at the new window, make the trip home more comfy with a bumper liner!

  4. Rohan Harrogate says:

    With April showers upon us wouldnt it be nice to have a nice light waterproof that doesn’t look too ‘imjustoffthecragg-y’,

    have a look at the new colour of escapist jacket, a perfect excuse for a trip out to Rohan Harrogate.

  5. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Buffs are back in Rohan Harrogate, if you have one already, check out the colours for your next one, an underrated piece of gear: necktube, hat, headband, wristband, bag, teastrainer, towel…

  6. Rohan Harrogate says:

    With Spring finally on its way, why not check out our new range of clothing at Rohan Harrogate, or click on the links below, call us on 01423 508766 to reserve your items.



  7. Rohan Harrogate says:

    We have just this weekend left to take advantage of the Gift Your Gear. With the clocks changing tonight you have less time than you think!
    Rohan Harrogate

  8. Rohan Harrogate says:

    We have had a really good response from our customers, old and new donating to Gift Your Gear.
    Perfect excuse to have a clear out in the wardrobe and take advantage of the 15% discount on all new Spring/ Summer range we have in store.
    Staff are loving all the Heritage items which are being donated and hearing the stories about where they have been worn, yesterday we had a couple of really nice fleeces given to us, thay will certainly be well used in their next life!

  9. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Were you caught out by the sudden onset of wintery rain? I know I was..! (Unbelievable right?)

    If this is you too, come and see our waterproof range here in Rohan Harrogate! As our summer catalogue our waterproofs are “Reliably Protective Whatever the Weather” – and on top of that, they look fantastic! What’s not to love?

    As always, the team is on hand to help you find the best waterproof for your particular needs, whether that’s just keeping dry on a rainy walk around our fair town or out on a blustery, soggy day in the dales.

  10. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Rohan Harrogate is very proud to supprt Gift Your Gear, until Sunday 30th March bring in any unwanted but useable outdoor gear and recieve 15% off a full price purchase in-store! Nice.

    Gift Your Gear is an award-winning nationwide initiative that provides outdoor clothing and equipment to UK community organisations, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors.

  11. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Even more new season stock has arrived here at Rohan Harrogate.

    Our pick would be the Aura Jacket. Weighing in at only 70g for the ladies and 80g for the mens, this jacket is perfect for active outdoor use. It is extremely lightweight, breathable and packs away in to its own tiny Packpocket.

    Come by and give it a go!

  12. Rohan Harrogate says:

    There is still a few days left of Gift Your Gear so bring in some of your pre-loved items and we will make good use of them whilst giving you 15% off something new and fabulous!

  13. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Gift Your Gear is back in Rohan Harrogate! Donate your unwanted outdoor clothing before the 31st March and be rewarded with 15% Off your next purchase of full price garments from the fantastic new Summer range. The donated clothes make a real difference to community groups and organisations across Britain so bring back those items that no longer fit and replenish your Rohan wardrobe. See you all very soon!

  14. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Wouldne a new light windproof jacket be nice.
    Have a look at:

    Rohan Harrogate: inspiring clothing since 2004

  15. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Gif Your Gear is bacK and for a couple more weeks we are offering a 15% discount on any purchases when you bring an useable poiece of outdoor clothing into store. It doesn’t have to be Rohan, just reusable. The garments that have been brought in will be re-used by UK charities in all sorts of great ways.

  16. Rohan Harrogate says:

    There’s BAGS of sunshire here in Harrogate so STRIDE on over for fun and frolicks in the sunshine.

  17. Rohan Harrogate says:

    I was just speaking with someone going to Australia for a couple of weeks and we got talking about whether it was worth going to see Ayres Rock, have a look at:
    I have to say that it looks pretty good!

  18. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Sunny days in Harrogate! Always a good time to start thinking about your spring/summer wardrobe. Come on over and have a look at our new fantastic range.

  19. Rohan Harrogate says:

    It is true, GIFT YOUR GEAR has returned, just look in the collection of outdoor gear that you have amassed over the year and let some of it go on and live a long and useful life without you.
    Oh, and pick yourself up a new Aura jacke whilst you are here. So light and so nice!!

  20. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Anyway, this guy walks into Rohan Harrogate and says “I have just taken my wife to the Caribbean”, I say “Jamaca?”, he says “no, she wanted to go.”
    Rohan Harrogate the home of great comedy.

  21. Rohan Harrogate says:

    We have had a great day in Harrogate today and tomorrow is looking like it will be even better with the arrival of the eagle creek delivery.
    Have a look at:
    Come and see us in store and we will give you a demo, once you have one of these you will never have to stuff a t-shirt into a shoe again!

  22. Rohan Harrogate says:

    With Spring just around the corner and the new season stock coming in every week, why not pop into Harrogate and see the new range.

  23. Rohan Harrogate says:

    As the weather continues to be less than springlike, maybe it would be a good idea to get a new daysack that help to keep your gear a little bit drier than your old one. Whilst walking aroun Harrogate keep your Betty’s macaroons dry till lunchtime with the built in rain cover.

    Have a look at:

  24. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Today we have seen a lot of wellies out and about in the town, if I might suggest a pair of posh socks to warm your toes up:

    Ooh, nice!

  25. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Today would be a perfect day for a new pair of microgrid gloves, pop into store and try a pair on!

  26. Rohan Harrogate says:

    All day we have been watching people breaking their umbrellas walking past the store in this fierce wind. Maybe a new waterproof jacket and trousers would be a good idea?

    • Peter Clinch says:

      or a Senz brollie… (highly recommended, by the way!)

      Mine quite often makes the difference between having to break out the waterproofs or just using my old Action Jacket. Barricade may be good, but it’s not as breathable as Airlight!

  27. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Chilly mornings? Early bike rides? Why not try a Spark Top, it will soon become your best friend for life.

  28. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Isn’t it getting a bit colder now! maybe you should think about getting a nightfall jacket, perfect for Harrogate winter days!

  29. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Brrrrrrr! Chilly cold this morning in Harrogate! Our store is lovely and toasty and there is a warm welcome guaranteed…pop in and have a look at the great reductions in the sale! Some great new stock has been arriving too, well worth a look.

  30. Rohan Harrogate says:

    Wow, here we are already well into 2014, further markdowns are upon us! Come on in a grab a bargain!

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