Love the outdoors? Mend Our Mountains Underway Now

We covered the launch of Mend our Mountains at ShAFF on 9th March

Mend Our Mountains is a call to action to everyone who values the hills, mountains and landscapes of Britain. It aims to galvanise mass support for things we all use: the paths, bridleways and bridges which underpin our experiences in the great outdoors. The current phase of Mend Our Mountains, Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million, is a year-long appeal to raise £1 million in total for a range of vital path repair projects within the UK’s entire family of 15 National Parks.

It is coordinated by the British Mountaineering Council (BMC), funded by the BMC Access and Conservation Trust (BMC ACT), and run in conjunction with a coalition of National Park authorities, outdoor enthusiast groups and charitable trusts. In Scotland the campaign is represented by Mountaineering Scotland.

Love the outdoors? Help raise £1 million pounds to repair paths in the UK’s 15 national parks

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