Rohan Bags Price Index 2010

The Mars Bar a currency for our time

Last year we had two very popular posts on Rohantime that looked at the price of a pair of Rohan Bags over three decades. The posts referred to the Mars Bar Index (MBI). Apparently, it has been observed on several occasions that the price of a Mars Bar correlates accurately with the change in value of the pound sterling over an even longer period since the end of the Second World War.
We recorded last year a list of prices that started in 1979 when the price of a pair of Rohan Bags was £19.00 and ended in May 2009 when the price of a pair of Rohan Bags was £53.82.

In 31 years the price had increased, no surprise there. The actual price increase over the years is £34.82. That’s just over £1.00 per annum.

The price today in 2010 is £55.00, it looks like the calculation still stands.

How does this compare to the Mars Bar Index? The Mars Bar, we noted last year, had increased by 300% over the years. Rohan Bags are still just under the MBI.

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