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Gift Your Gear donate your unwanted outdoor clothing regardless of brand to Gift Your Gear at any Rohan shop 1st March – 1st April 2018.

Rohan is proud to support Gift Your Gear. Donate your outdoor clothing to Gift Your Gear this March at any Rohan Shop there are 56 nationwide and receive 15% off your next Rohan purchase.

Gift Your Gear has partnered with Rohan, the award-winning UK based outdoor and travel clothing company.

Please donate your unwanted outdoor clothing, that’s waterproofs, fleeces, outdoor trousers, insulated jackets, hats, gloves and rucksack, regardless of brand, including children’s clothing at any Rohan Shop

When can I donate to Gift Your Gear?
1st March – 1st April 2018

At which Rohan shops can I donate to Gift Your Gear?
All Rohan shops nationwide. Find your nearest Rohan Shop

What can I donate to Gift Your Gear?
Useable outdoor clothing regardless of brand. Gift Your Gear accepts waterproof jackets and fleeces to walking trousers etc.

Do I have to make a purchase to donate to Gift Your Gear ?
No, however Rohan would like to offer you 15% off* a full priced purchase made the same day as a qualifying Gift Your Gear donation.

What happens to the gear I donate?
All reusable and fit for purpose outdoor gear is sent out to an approved Gift Your Gear organisation,  working with young people in the outdoors. The outdoor gear you donate will make a real difference to the organisations who receive it.


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*Offer Terms and Conditions
The 15% off offer will be valid against a full price purchase made the same day as a qualifying Gift Your Gear donation. Discount is per transaction and is not based on number of items donated. Items can only be donated at a Rohan shop.

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  1. Peter Clinch says:

    Dropped off some grown-out-of kids’ soft-shell trousers at Perth yesterday. And some recycling-recycling at home, a Ladies S Pinnacle I’d got for a bargain on eBay is going to a pal of my daughter’s as she’s now grown to be a M.

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