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Rohan Stretch Bags

We love customer reviews. A recent tweet alerted us to the latest Stretch Bags review by Julian Cartwright

“For a good number of years my lower half had been clad in Montane’s ubiquitous Terra trousers when out on the hill. They’re tough, light, reinforced in the right areas and allow for a good degree of movement. The fit’s OK too, mostly (some pairs fit better than others, despite being the same stated size). I saw no real reason to investigate an alternative…

Then about a year ago, a day shopping in Ambleside, an idle few minutes waiting for Mrs. C. to try something on in the Rohan shop, a helpful sale’s assistant and a special offer saw me prancing around the shop in a pair of Stretch Bags, Rohan’s update to their classic Bags walking trousers. My new favourite trousers and I have been fairly inseparable ever since….”

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