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We are featuring on Rohantime a selection of really useful gift ideas over the next few weeks. There is plenty of time drop into a Rohan Shop and check out all the gift ideas in the Rohan Shops or online

Our Anywear Belt is lightweight, durable, quick drying and comfortable. And, because the buckle is made from polycarbonate, it won’t set off the metal detectors when you’re passing through airline security…read more

A selection of Anywhere Belt stories on Rohantime

Buckling Clever – How to Fix a Rohan Belt  Clive Tully

Rohan Bags Belt 1001 uses – “The owner told me he bought the belt when he purchased his first pair of Rohan Bags at one of the Regional Shows in the Stickle Barn in the Langdale Valley. That was a long time ago. From that day, the belt has been in continual use if it was not keeping up his trousers it was on his bike. It was red and still looked as good as new”- Sarah Howcroft

“Winners not spinners” – John Traynor

You’re a Rohan man as well? – Vincent Gainey

Iconic Rohan Bags – Made in Yorkshire – Yes the Belts used to be made in Yorkshire!

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