John o’ Groats to Lands End

How many Rohan Shops have you visited?

John o’ Groats to Lands End well actually Aberdeen to Jersey.
Not quite one in every town find your nearest Rohan Shop.

“I like all of our stores to be individual. That starts with the place. I don’t think that we have many customers for whom shopping is a recreational activity. Ideally, I would like us to be in  the places where Rohan customers want to spend their time either visiting for cultural reasons (we do well in the cathedral cities) or for outdoor activities like the Lakes and Dunster. I have to recognise that we also have to be where people live so we are there as well.  Next is the building. I like interesting buildings. It doesn’t make for an easy life for our retailers, but I prefer us to be on two floors in a listed building than in a conventional retail box in a shopping centre. Then there is the effect of the people.  I want our store managers, staff and partners to see the shop, the building and the town as theirs and to make it a unique experience as a result. I know we don’t achieve all these things – we are dragging a long location history behind us, but it is where I want to be.” Colin Fisher CEO Rohan Designs.

Rohan Shops opening soon – Kingston upon Thames and Henley on Thames.

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