Buxton Adventure Speakers for 2018

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Buxton Adventure Speakers for 2018 announced

 13th February 2018 – Al Hinkes & Terry Abraham

Alan Hinkes is first Briton to have climbed the world’s highest mountains, including all 14 of those over 8,000 metres. He’ll be joined by filmmaker Terry Abraham as they present their epic documentary on Al’s mountaineering career.

7th March 2018 – Rob Jebb & Jon Morgan

Fell running and cyclo-cross champion Rob Jebb will cover his unbelievable feats of endurance and race victories. Sheffield-based runner Jon Morgan will talk about his own inspiring race career.

11th April 2018 – John Beatty & Claire Carter

John has adventured across 38 countries for the past 29 years. His talk, ‘Adventures in the Wild’, is an ongoing project where he shares his most recent images and stories from across the world.

15th May 2018 – Dave Cornthwaite & Kajsa Tylen

Dave pushes the boundaries of mad expeditions, usually self-powered and covering more than 1,000 miles. His most recent: a 1,500 mile cycle boat ride along the tortuous coast of Norway. Book tickets to hear more of his crackpot adventures.

19th June 2018 – Joss Naylor & Steve Chilton

King of the fells Joss’s running achievements from 1971 to 2006 are extraordinary. A career culminating in the 72 peak Lakeland circuit. Steve delves into the history of the Bob Graham Round and why it has become a right of passage for endurance runners.

Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton Opera House, Buxton

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