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We received super story from our customers. Many have been recorded on the World Map – Rohan Stories Well Worn.The latest story from Des has just come in to Rohantime.


In his own words…

I came out to Gambia on a last minute holiday 4 years ago!
I go to Gambia about 2/3  times a year when funds permit as I am officially a Retired Doctor / Dentist and spend 6/7 months.  I work with 3 Swedish Charities, “Future in Our Hands”, “Afrikaada Teethsavers” and Swedent , the first European Dental Clinic in Gambia run by Lars Goran from Stockholm.

We have a base in Kotu Township and then travel up country to villages around Soma providing Emergency Treatments, Education and teaching the teachers about Oral Health and General Medical Health.
We have a 5 year on going project using Fluoride salt in cooking as  a means of getting Fluoride into the diet to help improve the Dental Decay rate but it is uphill

I have a Disease called ROHANITIS meaning I cannot work without your gear from underwear to shorts, trousers shirts and amazing “T’s
All great to wear clinically and socially in this unforgiving climate. As they get washed 2/3 times a day up country as the heat is unforgiving
During the Rainy season I wore the long coat and rain here is not like UK it is torrential and then it stops, sun out and dry in minutes.

Walking with lions was interesting but obviously don’t like the Rohan flavour…… thank goodness.!

Thank you for the super story Des.

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