New Arrivals – Rohan Icepack Vest 

We always look forward to New Arrivals time, when new season goodies arrive in the Rohan Shops. We will be featuring a selection of New Arrivals on Rohantime over the next few weeks.

Rohan Women's Icepack Vest Autumn Winter 2017

New Arrivals – Icepack Vest 

Perfect for trekking and winter travel but equally useful as an everyday winter gilet, our Icepack Vest provides functional, compressible insulation and understated good looks.

Rohan Mens Icepack Vest Autumn Winter 2017

The vest or gilet has made a valuable contribution to the Rohan Clothing range, appearing on many kit lists over the years. It really was an expression of the early Rohan clothing system commitment to clothing layers.

The first Rohan Vest was the Wild Vest. A sleek, body fitting gilet which complemented both Olfo and Sohao.

rohan olfio, wild vest and bags in distant green 1986

The Wld Vest was included in Chris Townsend’s kit list for the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in 1985.

Nick at Rohan Woodbridge shared with us  Nick at Rohan Woodbridge – One man and his Gilet(s)

Nick Rohan Woodbridge Rohan Wild Vest

It is interesting in the subsequent years the vest had a bigger silhouette.

1987 Rohan Wild Vest

Until Spark and Icepack which have much more of the lineage of the original Wild Vest.

From the blogs – How long does your gear last?

Until the Spark Vest and the Icepack Vest which have more of the early Rohan heritage.

Rohan Mens Icepack Vest

There are many references to Wild Vest in the heritage gallery.

A selection of ‘vest’ stories on Rohantime

Read more about Rohan Men’s Icepack Vest and Women’s Icepack Vest or drop into your nearest Rohan Shop

New Arrivals Update Autumn 2017




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