David Maughan – A Celebration of Moving On

It is always good to look back at some of the early Rohan Classics.

The Rohan Flashback category on Rohantime records stories of early Rohan. Many of the stories are from Rohan friends and customers that go back over 40 years.

A lovely set of photographs has just come in from David Maughan featuring the Moving On. The windshirt was an important part of the Rohan range in the 1980’s.

The first pictures I have are on the Dales Way in 1990 in the dried up river and the year after on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast in 1991, particularly at the end in the Wainwrights Bar at the Bay Hotel at Robin Hoods Bay.

There are also a couple of recent photographs which indicate why big front pockets are useful on walks and why I like the top so much – David

Rohan Moving On - David Maughan
Map Reading in Borrowdale. My daughter when she would be about 8 I think. I was showing her how to map read in Borrowdale in the Lake District.

Rohan Moving On - David Maughan
Mountain Biking. On the bike at the back of Skiddaw near the youth hostel in the early 1990s.

 Dales Way in 1990 in the dried up river
The Dales Way. In the dried river bed on the Dales Way 1990

Rohan Moving On - David Maughan
Wastwater 1990’s

Rohan Moving On - David Maughan
The Black Sail Hut. Sitting at table – the Black Sail Hut youth hostel – on Wainwright’s coast to coast route. Possibly 1991?

Pulpit Rock
Standing on rocks. My latest Moving On on my named Pulpit Rock 2015 above Newtondale, North York Moors.

Rohan Moving On - David Maughan
The Bay Hotel, Robin Hood’s Bay
With pint in hand. The Bay Hotel, Robin Hood’s Bay 1991 at the end of Wainright’s coast to coast.

Scarborough North Bay
With green Moving On – The North Sea Scarborough at the end of my coast to coast: The North of England Way. 2000

Rohan Moving On - David Maughan

The Hermitage. On Wainwright’s coast to coast 1991

Rohan Moving On - David Maughan
The North Sea. Standing at North Sea, Wainwright’s coast to coast 1991. Moving On and Wild Vest

Rohan Moving On - David Maughan
Richmond Grand National Day. On Wainwright’s coast to coast in 1991. Richmond on Grand National Day after torrential rain. We stopped at the pub to watch the national but still had 7 wet miles to go. Moving On tops dry out quick!

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  1. Peter Clinch says:

    There’s been a paper-girl in a Moving On working in Dundee’s west end this week (no pictures, I’m not up that early!)

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