Christina Rohan Inverness – Four Days in Berlin

Christina Rohan Inverness - Four Days in Berlin

Exploring Berlin

I recently spent four days in Berlin and if, like me, you love history, Berlin is the city for you. This was my first trip not only to Berlin, but also to Germany. It’s safe to say it won’t be my last!

Day One:
According to the app on my phone, I did over 20 000 steps that Wednesday which, in hindsight, is really not that surprising! That one day alone, we saw several sights, including the East Side Gallery and The Wall Museum, the memorial to the Roma and Sinti people killed in the Holocaust, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag and Bundestag buildings.

Christina Rohan Inverness - Four Days in Berlin

If you don’t know, the East Side Gallery is the section of the Berlin Wall which remains standing. It’s probably my top recommendation for visiting Berlin. The wall is covered in graffiti on one side, and commissioned art on the other. One section has stories from East Germans related to the wall, in English as well as German. Those stories are what really brings home the effect of the wall and the lives of the East Germans. Beside the East Side Gallery is The Wall Museum, an exhibition which details the story of the Wall, from its creation to the events leading to its destruction. Very helpful for people like me who knew nothing about it beforehand! Definitely my top recommendation for a visit to Berlin.

Christina Rohan Inverness - Four Days in Berlin

Day Two:
Day two and after stocking up at the frankly amazing breakfast at the hotel, it was back onto the S-Bahn. We used the S-Bahn the entire time, the overground trains as opposed to the underground U-Bahn. Initially it was simply due to the fact the S-Bahn station was closer to the hotel, but then we just stuck with it as it allows you to see more of the city, particularly this morning as we headed well into the former East Berlin.

We were here to see the Stasi Museum, in the former headquarters of the Stasi. Again, I had a vague idea of what the Stasi was, after hearing of them in television programmes, but no real knowledge. However, after The Wall Museum the day before, I was eager to find out more. Now, I’ll admit, I like the dark and gritty parts of history, and this was where I found the Stasi Museum lacking. There was less about the methods of the Stasi, and more about the leaders and their achievements. Unusual as everywhere else in Berlin, I found they were very open about the good and bad that had happened in the past. It was still interesting though, to see how arguably they are still held in the people’s minds.

Back onto the S-Bahn, this time to Potsdammer Platz and over to Kohlhoff Tower which boasts the fastest elevator in Europe, taking you up twenty four floors in the blink of an eye. The twenty fourth and twenty fifth floors offer great views of the city, even on a cloudy day like we experienced.

Christina Rohan Inverness - Four Days in Berlin

Day Three:
On today’s agenda was the famous Checkpoint Charlie, and the Berlin Story Bunker. If you’re interested in WW2, the Berlin Story Bunker should be your first stop. It is an excellent exhibition on Hitler, the rise of the Nazis, and WW2 all set in a WW2 bunker. It’s also the place where we managed to lose my dad. There are two exhibitions folks, make sure you don’t accidentally wander into the wrong one!

In a small side street, behind the Potsdammer Platz and just behind the Spy Museum and the Dali Museum stands one of the former GDR Watchtowers from the Berlin Wall, open for visitors if you wish. I was surprised by how small it was, as you are literally on top of it before you find it, tucked between two trees. Then back up to put the feet up after a long day of walking!

Day four:
Killing time at the Mall of Berlin, before grabbing the S-Bahn back out to Schonefeld Airport, then the long journey back home.

Christina Rohan Inverness - Four Days in Berlin

Rohan Kit List:

Stretch Bags – Already my favourite cycling trousers, they were great for flying in, with stretch fabric and lots of extra pockets. All the zip pockets are big enough for a passport too.

Crossovers – My go-to sightseeing trousers! I love them. The stretch fabric is great for travelling, but they look smart. And UPF 40+ protection means no sunburn.

Sanctuary Shirt – My favourite travel item. I cannot live without this shirt when I’m away from home. It’s smart and comfortable for travelling in – I actually flew out in it – and the flexibility of having the sleeves pinned up or rolled down means that it was great for covering my sunburned arms, again with the UPF 40+ protection. For me, the InsectShield is just an added bonus.

Serenity Dress – This was the first time I’d really worn the Serenity dress, and it was great. I wore it for sightseeing on day two, then again to fly home in. The Coolant technology was very welcome in the heat of the airport, and it was comfortable for the flight and car journey home. In future, particularly for longer trips, I’d probably team it up with the Travel Leggings for flying.

Dad, as usual, could barely be convinced to wear anything but his Rohan gear. His case included:
Fenland S/S Shirt
Equator L/S Shirt
Trail Socks

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