Rohan Reviews – Heading for the hills?

Rohan Reviews - Rohan Trailblazers

Our latest Rohan Review is from TNT Magazine Heading for the hills? by Sophie Ibbotson

Rohan reviews – Heading for the hills? Get properly kitted out with our mountain clothing guide

Get properly kitted out with our mountain clothing guide. TNT reviewers feedback their mountain clothing guide:

Late Summer is best spent in the mountains. The melting of snow makes passes, well, passable, peaks emerge from the clouds, and the nights have warmed up just enough that you won’t freeze to the roll mat in your tent. You can escape the god-awful heat and stench of the tube, leave your colleagues behind, and instead breathe in fresh mountain air. It doesn’t come better than this.

We lined up the best of the SS2017 outdoor clothing and field tested it in the Himalayas of Ladakh, the Georgian Caucasus, and closer to home in the Lake District. What should you wear in the mountains? Our team of TNT reviewers had great fun choosing their picks!

For men – – Men: Rohan Worldview ShirtRohan Trailblazers

For Women Rohan Tian Shirt LS

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