New Arrivals Autumn 2017 – Rohan Polo Shirts

We always look forward to New Arrivals time, when new season goodies arrive in the Rohan Shops. We will be featuring a selection of New Arrivals on Rohantime over the next few weeks.

Few garments deserve the title of fashion classic as the polo-shirt. I am sure the timeless Polo Shirt needs no introduction to Rohantime readers. A true fashion classic that’s weathered the passage of the centuries. This legendary item of clothing probably traces its origins to 19th century British India. British Officers, dissatisfied with the outfits they used to play polo, improvised by cutting the sleeves of their cotton shirts short and adding buttons to prevent their collars from flapping around in the wind. As the popularity of the polo shirt spread across the world, it increasingly went from being a functional sportswear item, to an outdoor-wear garment.

Who remembers the Ralph Lauren Polo, debuted in 1972, in 24 signature colours and a single fit?

We have often stressed in our Rohan Flashback section on Rohantime that takes a deep look at the Rohan heritage so much of Rohan has always been about the fabrics. This is very true with the development of the polo shirt in the Rohan range.

Rohan Stira Polo Shirt

A technical base-layer, or active outdoor top, the Stria Polo uses a soft, stretchy moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable in every sense. It’s a highly functional alternative to an ordinary cotton polo.

Like all Rohan clothes, it’s tough, durable and lightweight – but it also feels great, thanks to the soft cotton-like texture. Quick-drying, easy care, and with UPF 40+ Sun Protection*, it’s also brilliant for travel, too…  read more

& now

 Rohan Merino Union 150 Polo AW2017

We have taken the relaxed, everyday good looks of a classic woollen polo shirt and given it a technical twist.

The perfect top for travel and every day wear, our Merino Union 150 Polo is made from a blend of technical polyester and natural merino wool, combining the durable, quick-drying properties of synthetics and the natural antibacterial effects of wool…read more

Drop into your nearest Rohan Shop and take a look or shop on line

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