Trail Magazine Used & Abused Rohan Stretch Bags

From the Mags – Used & Abused Rohan Stretch Bags Trail Magazine October 2017

Trail Magazine Used & Abused Our Gear Tested for You

October Trail Magazine takes a long look at the following gear over a sustained period of time:

Lowe Alpine Peak Attack Pack used for 2 years – Long term trash

Rohan Stretch Bags  – used for 6 months – Mid term trash

Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag used for 5 months – Mid term trash

Trangia 27 – UL used for 6 years –  Long term trash

Stretch Bags used by Simon Ingram

Rohan Stretch Bags Used &Abused Trail Magazine

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From the Mags… LRO – Rohan Bags Used and Abused






Rohan Heritage

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  1. I’m absolutely with the reviewer on the colours. The black ones are fair enough, but lets supplement that with something interesting again please.

    For long(ish) term testing, the Stretch Bags are my main Weapons of Choice for just about anything other than work and oritenteering these days, and my original pair must have been some of the first out there. There are no obvious signs of distress.

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