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Troggings Jacket

Rohan Troggings Jacket -Simple, practical and supremely comfortable, this highly wind resistant softshell jacket combines style with comfort. Great for walking, cycling, work and travel.

A review of Softshell Jackets in Wanderlust Magazine by Phoebe Smith includes Rohan Troggings Jacket, Páramo: Alize Windproof/ Ostro Windproof (*Value Buy), Montane: Dyno Stretch Jacket (*Best In Test), Salomon: Ranger Jacket, Arc’teryx: Atom SL Hoody and Mammut: Ultimate Hoody. Ranging in price from £79 for Rohan Troggings to £160 for Arc’teryx: Atom SL Hoody


Rohan: Troggings Jacket £79

The test: At the budget end of the market is the Troggings. For those Rohan fans out there, the name will be familiar: it’s essentially the jacket form of their best-selling trousers…. read more


How we did the test…

We asked gear manufacturers to submit the softshell jackets that they felt were most suitable for travellers. From the 12 we were sent, our editor, Phoebe Smith, then delved into the top six to see which offered the best balance of weight and protection at a comparatively good price. The jackets covered here are all Wanderlust approved, with a ‘Value Buy’ and overall ‘Best in Test’ being indicated where applicable.

What we looked at 

As softshell jackets are not meant to be waterproof, it’s not vital that they have hoods. It’s solely a case of personal choice whether or not you want one, but if you do, an adjustable hood that fits well is a good idea, so that when you turn your head, the hood moves withyou. To use on activities (cycling, kayaking, climbing, horseriding), opt for one that is helmet compatible.

These can be useful for maps, tickets, important documents and phones. Some people like lots; but remember, they will add weight. Mesh ones offer better ventilation, and zips will help keep your things secure.

For flexibility in a multitude of conditions, look for a wind-stopping fabric that is breathable and water-resistant (so it will keep you dry during a short shower). You don’t want anything that will keep you too warm, so avoid very heavy or ‘fleecey’ options. However, underarm vents (aka ‘pit zips’) can help to regulate your temperature.

With ever-decreasing luggage allowances, this is an ever-present concern. Do remember, though, that a light weight might be great, but you will always sacrifice some features, such as a hood, extra pockets or warmth.

Softshells are designed with those who are active in mind: think cycling, walking, scrambling, kayaking, etc. The fabric therefore usually offers a good level of stretch and is normally a closer fit, so that it moves with your body. Do raise your arms up above your head when trying it on, to make sure it doesn’t rise up too high. Consider a mens-or womens-specific fit.

To help with draughts, look for internal stormflaps (strips of fabric) – these will also help keep you dry if you get caught in a sudden rain shower.

Hems & cuffs
You want the cuffs and waist to fit closely to stop the cold air from getting in. Look for adjustable or elasticated hems to help with this.


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